Today’s new Permanent Waves

I’ve started giving “Perms” again.  No, they’re nothing like the ones in the 1980’s!  (I know, its hard to get that visual out of your head.)  Redken calls it “Urban Curls”.  Go to their website to get a closer look.  The technique involves using a thermal (heat) source; aka curling iron, one that gets up to 360 degrees and sponge rollers.  Doing away with the old rubber-banded rods is a relief because I have a severe latex allergy.   I’ll admit the thermal permanent is a little involved; but no pain, no gain.  The results I’ve had so far are silky, soft, and very natural looking curls.  They still smell a bit, but nothing close to the clear-the-room stench they used to give off.  In a couple of days I’ll do one on someone who has collar-length hair.  I’ll post the pics here and on my Facebook page for the curious.  Until then!

Stylishly Yours,



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