Melody’s Pravana “Smooth-out”

Looking for a little more control without the commitment of a permanent straightener; Melody wanted to try my new  “Smooth-out” service by Pravana.  The “Smooth-out” is a no-commitment straightener that can be used on virgin, bleach highlighted, and color-treated hair.  The treatment reduces 70-90% of your curl and lasts 8-12 weeks, gradually reverting back to your original texture.  It’s also recommended to use the specially formulated Pravana Smooth-out Shampoo and Conditioner for home maintenance.

This was Melody’s very first chemical service EVER and I was honored to perform it on her.  As you can see, she needed a little help getting her extremely thick, curly hair under control.  Because she has so much hair, Melody was looking for  less volume and also wanted to be able to blow out her hair for a straighter look at home.  The proof is in the pictures!

Stylishly yours,



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